Simplicity Lasts Forever

Roselili was founded in 2020 by Margie and Yiota. The girls started out with a simple fashion-blog-turned-online-store, through which they sold a mix of vintage pieces, local labels as well as their own original designs. Roselili is now a curated collection of clothing, accessories, occasion wear all designed in house and exclusively sold by roselili.Our philosophy is that the best cloth for girls is confidence and ckoth is just a fashion item that helps you find yourself. We want every girl to find her own style and her own confidence when wearing our clothes.

Fabulous Designs, Direct To You.

We create exclusive, premium collections that are designed in Australia, just for you. Our pieces are as beautiful and unique as the babes who purchase them. Our team works hard to bring you fresh new styles weekly. Our design, sampling and production process from start to finish takes around 6-8 months per item, which means we work super hard to bring you that cute dress, tops or occasion gown you just purchased! It's made with lots of love from start to finish, just for you!

#Our Rose Girls

The rosegirls welcomes everyone - from our customers, sales assistants and designers to our models, photographers and social media followers. This family is united by a love of dressing up, having fun, and above all, supporting one another. We inspire and celebrate our #rosegirls members while sharing clothes, advice and inside jokes. Because that's what families do.

Environmental Responsibility

Our vision is to build a sustainable fashion business, delivering ethically manufactured product with minimal negative impact on the environment. Fabric-sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution all affect people, communities and environments.

Our goal is to make product as sustainable as possible and ensure that it is affordable and accessible for our customers, so they can make a sustainable choice without compromise

Recycled Material

We decided to place an emphasis on increasing our use of natural fibre fabrics, which have continued to improve over the past three years. In the time since, we have successfully doubled our use of natural fibres, mainly cotton and linen, with over 70% of our designs now produced from a majority blend of cotton/linen/other natural fibre and over 50% of our designs being made from a 100% natural fibre. We are working hard on breaking down our material supply chain even further by becoming more heavily involved in its production and sourcing, which is a major interest and goal for us in 2022.

Wages and Work Conditions

Our Rose Team is currently made up of employees and workers in Australia and internationally in China. All of our employees including our Store, international factory workers, contractors, etc. are paid living wages or above, work in safe working conditions and with equal opportunity. Our factories are regularly audited with certifications of compliance provided.