Roselili, make your life colorful.

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Who We are?

Founded by a group of young people who love women's fashion trends, Roselili is a designer brand that focuses on French classical women's style clothing.

What is our story?

Roselili brand comes from the flowering plant Rose, which is widely regarded as a symbol of love and the most famous and popular among all flowers due to its beautiful cultural implication. Therefore, our clothes will also have flower pattern elements, if you wear our products and walk down the street, you will become the most popular goddess. Not only that, but the brand also draws lessons from the Renaissance movement, which advocates classical, romantic, and individuality, and encourages women to show their charm and pursue happiness in life through their clothes. Choose Roselili, and become a beautiful, romantic, and individual girl.

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What fabric do we use?

Roselili suppliers use scientific production technology, reasonable use of water, scientific emission of waste gas and residue, to alleviate the serious environmental problems. In the selection of fabrics, environmentally friendly fabrics are used, such as organic cotton, bamboo fiber, and modal, to reduce the excessive consumption of resources and achieve the concept of sustainable development. 

How is our factory?

Any quotes? Spend some time thinking and make it memorable. Instead of outsourcing our production, we invested in an exclusive agreement with our only factory. This means we control every aspect of the production process

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Just for you

Control Over Production = Elevated Brand Experience.